When we started as a grind band in the valley, we didn’t see many other Latinos playing this genre. And the recognized bands we did play with, were white. Now that we know and play with bands out in LA, we’re always seeing Latinos. It’s cool to rep our heritage in this music and see the positive responses we get from our followers. We have a design with Juan Gabriel and “818 Grindcore” under him, that’s us repping our Mexican culture and the 818.


We’re from North County San Diego, up in the woods like San Marcos and Fallbrook. Very rural area. It’s kind of barren, not much going on out there. Definitely gives us this kinda lonely, desolate vibe that I can feel in our music. The scene up here is kind of dead. There’s only like three really good bands from North County, being Dead Martyr, Madrugado, and Private Property. The rest are just indie & pop punk bands that aren’t even that special, really. We wanted to do something different from what the North County scene had, wanted to be the heaviest thing to come out of there.


We live near the desert, it gets real hot in the summers. Living in a Hispanic household holds influence over our sound, too. I currently live/work in NorCal; being in the forests under tall trees and hiking tall mountains gives me lots of time to think of new riffs and ideas for future songs. The commute opens me up to more ideas as well. My brother stays down south, so when we meet up, we combine what we’ve been cooking up in our heads and run with it. 


Dead Relatives November '23 release show at Non Plus Ultra on November 3, 2023. Featuring Casket Mush, Infidel, The Sleeperz, and Spunk. Shot on Minolta Freedom with ilford hp5

If anything, it really is an emotional experience, playing and listening to this. All the anger and explosion you feel every day of your f*****g life wrapped up in a genre. That’s exactly how I felt when I was growing up. And I had a scene to reflect it, you know?

Auditory Anguish – Tragedies of Western Existence.

Goat brought out a small bottle of tequila at like 9AM and said, ‘Whenever I record, time doesn’t exist.’ And he was right – you really didn’t feel the time pass in there. Abe was the first one up and laid out the drums from like 10:30-2 after mic setups, testing, etc, etc. Diego followed with the guitar, Goat followed with the bass, I finished up with the vocals.