Commercialized DIY in Los Angeles. With Fracture.

LA’s becoming pretty commercialized, for sure, as far as the production groups that throw shows. Even the stuff that presents DIY; if you follow the band pages on these bills individually, it’s presented in a very DIY way. ‘Look at our 35mm photos, look at this cool collage-y art thing…’ And the flyers, especially the flyers. It looks so DIY that they’re almost tapping into our scene, you know? And now the standard in this city is a very commercialized DIY, especially in hardcore, for sure. For sure.


Being third generation, a lot of culture has been lost. My family already started speaking English by the time I was born. I have family in Mexico that I only hear stories about. I don’t know if I’ll ever even be able to meet them because my grandparents are gone now. I never got names down, never got locations down. You don’t think about those things when you’re a kid.

Working Class Jackets.

Dead Relatives first print issue release show featuring Smother, Bloom, Fracture and Andrea (@crythengrind). Taken at The Smell DTLA on Minolta Freedom with Ildord Delta.

None of us come from a place of privilege. It wasn’t an easy thing for our parents, especially when we were teenagers, to just give us money to go do music or support us. They didn’t have money like that either. So even though it’s me on stage, I wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t… Continue reading Working Class Jackets.