Something Weird – The Sleeperz on Long Beach Punk.

I didn’t find the punk community until I moved to Long Beach. I didn’t have social media, my hometown had no scene, and for a long time, I thought nothing like what we’re doing now was even possible anymore. I was the only person in high school with a band – we’ll put it that way.

But the diversity here is insane. People feel loved and accepted in this community, and most importantly, people really feel like they can be themselves. Long Beach brings out the best in musicians and artists, really gives them a place to express themselves however they want.

German Cops, The Acid Tests, & Chaz Ferrare: The Sleeperz, XMAS Stoop Show 12/18

“She started throwing a temper tantrum & wouldn’t let me get my things to the point where I had to call the fucking cops in Germany. These dudes rolled up like the fucking Gestapo, big ass leather boots & uniforms. They looked at me like ‘What did you do!?’ I was like ‘No! You have to understand, I’m just trying to get the hell out of here. I’m just trying to live my life & get back to California!'”

MyVeronica on Breaking Arms &; Halloween UCLA, 10/30

“The track I played called Makeoutclub was inspired by this pre-Myspace social networking site of the same name. It was this internet subculture community ‘for indierockers, hardcore kids, record collectors, artists, bloggers, & hopeless romantics’ (site tagline). I pieced the lyrics for that song from post excerpts…”

Marcy Playground on Deadheads & Modern Influences; The Canyon Montclair 11/12

“John Wozniak, guitarist & singer-songwriter of the band, told The Morning Call in 1998 that he followed the Grateful Dead from ages 14-20 selling LSD & hard-boiled eggs for a living. Reading that he had indulged in over 100 acid trips himself during that time, I asked him how his time as a Deadhead had influenced his sound…”