When we started as a grind band in the valley, we didn’t see many other Latinos playing this genre. And the recognized bands we did play with, were white. Now that we know and play with bands out in LA, we’re always seeing Latinos. It’s cool to rep our heritage in this music and see the positive responses we get from our followers. We have a design with Juan Gabriel and “818 Grindcore” under him, that’s us repping our Mexican culture and the 818.


I’ve been listening to heavy music my whole life. My dad influenced me a lot; he grew up when the punk scene was really popping in the valley. I love the anger that comes with the music. It’s raw and unfiltered and beneficial for everyone involved. When I perform & see people f*cking with my drumming, it makes me want to play harder and with more energy. I think I’ve really changed my perception on things since I started playing shows – listening to what people in the scene have to say about struggles and everyday issues really opened my eyes to how intense life can be.


We’re from North County San Diego, up in the woods like San Marcos and Fallbrook. Very rural area. It’s kind of barren, not much going on out there. Definitely gives us this kinda lonely, desolate vibe that I can feel in our music. The scene up here is kind of dead. There’s only like three really good bands from North County, being Dead Martyr, Madrugado, and Private Property. The rest are just indie & pop punk bands that aren’t even that special, really. We wanted to do something different from what the North County scene had, wanted to be the heaviest thing to come out of there.