Four Years In A Vacuum – Violet Menace.

Originally, I considered going into teaching art, which is something that a degree would help with, but I don’t feel passionate about it. It’s not something I wanted to do – it’s something I felt like I had to do, to have a career. The last thing we need is more teachers who aren’t passionate about teaching.

Inland Empire’s Warehouse Crisis.

It’s like our whole economy now is based around these warehouses. So everyone’s afraid to get rid of them because they’ve provided so many jobs, but it’s more like they’ve mowed down all of our previous industries. This part of California used to be known for producing wine; like how central California is? Napa Valley? That’s how the Inland Empire used to be.


I felt stuck in Rialto. Stepping out I would see mountains stretching around my head, wrapping the city like the rim of a bowl. I would sit outside & wait for a flood to come & drown everything out… freeways, cars, planes, screaming, arguments, dogs, helicopters… I’ve had the opportunity to work with photographers from all over Southern California, & every time I meet someone genuinely talented & unique, I ask myself: Why does the culture assume talent can only come from big cities?