‘Oppenheimer’ leaves out the History of Navajo Nuclear Waste.

That’s what I mean by the detriments of industrialization & continued extraction of natural resources. It stops the flow of our people, especially traditionalists who are trying to live in a very traditional way. Part of that process is having this relationship with nature & Mother Earth. But when communities start to pop up close to reservation lands, that brings a train of industries, distribution centers, automobiles… It’s a domino effect.

Piercing The Lungs of The Earth — #MarcoTemporalNão

Indigenous groups within Brazil’s two-thirds of the Amazon rainforest are facing international human rights violations, habitat loss, & by extension, genocide. For the last inhabitants of the Amazon, losing their rights to occupy land means losing the guardians of half the planet’s remaining rainforests. (Featuring photos from Amazônia, Sebastião Salgado).