Paint Your Depression – Reed Smith.

I’m the black sheep in my family, for sure. When I turned 12, depression took me over. And when I finally found drugs and alcohol, it was the first time I’d ever experienced any kind of relief. Even though I hate being drunk – wild, I know. But if I drink half a beer, I’m buying coke. Then heroin, then this or that. It took me ten years to figure out that pattern after doing it over and over and over again. But fuck dude, I’ve been trying to get sober pretty much since I started. I knew off the rip I was an addict, hands down, immediately.


B: I don’t wanna support a system that gets a bunch of kids high. All for one, but there’s a bunch of venues getting traction where kids always end up fighting each other and getting loaded. Just a lot of drama. There’s no point in supporting a spot where people don’t even care to see you. I mean, there’s always gonna be some people at the front who actually dig you, but when people chill outside, in the corners, on drugs… Those hotspots? The ones where everyone’s NOS’d out? Go to a function, don’t go to a show.


I used to be super harsh on grindcore, death metal, genres like that… Why would anyone want to listen to something that heinous? Or at least, where’s the balance? Not to connect it to anger, because when I listen to that stuff it doesn’t make me angry, but I think after everything I’d been through this music has helped me make peace with it all.