B: I don’t wanna support a system that gets a bunch of kids high. All for one, but there’s a bunch of venues getting traction where kids always end up fighting each other and getting loaded. Just a lot of drama. There’s no point in supporting a spot where people don’t even care to see you. I mean, there’s always gonna be some people at the front who actually dig you, but when people chill outside, in the corners, on drugs… Those hotspots? The ones where everyone’s NOS’d out? Go to a function, don’t go to a show.

The Church of Cancer Christ; BCP Punk Wedding @ NPU, 4/15

“Like as I’m sitting here talking to you, I’ll hear a little bit of, ‘Hey, this guy’s alright.’ Or, ‘Hey, you know what? Don’t give this guy too much,’ or, ‘Watch out for her…’ You know? Gut feelings. Sometimes the word of God is just a sea of children singing songs together & loving each other. How about tonight? Hanging out with strangers, hugging the people next to you, showing love to people you might not show love to outside these walls.”

WACKO on COVID Clown Parties, Hate Pages, & Dream Composition; NPU/BCP 12/10

“Our best descriptions come from people talking shit. We have a hate page that reposts all our knocks. My favorite post on it is a description of our band from the Denny’s video saying, ‘Fuck WACKO, this isn’t hardcore. This isn’t even power violence or fastcore, this is just a middle school jam band; fuck this band.’ (haha) I love that.”