We’re from North County San Diego, up in the woods like San Marcos and Fallbrook. Very rural area. It’s kind of barren, not much going on out there. Definitely gives us this kinda lonely, desolate vibe that I can feel in our music. The scene up here is kind of dead. There’s only like three really good bands from North County, being Dead Martyr, Madrugado, and Private Property. The rest are just indie & pop punk bands that aren’t even that special, really. We wanted to do something different from what the North County scene had, wanted to be the heaviest thing to come out of there.

God Awful – Premeditated.

The hardcore scene has been very welcoming to all of us and it’s brought some amazing people into our lives. The best part about IE hardcore in my opinion is the sense of community. There is always a familiar face at our own shows, and even at shows we attend that we don’t play at. There are so many people we have to thank for constantly showing love and lifting us up. We can only hope to do the same for others and show everyone twice as much love as they show us.

The Church of Cancer Christ; BCP Punk Wedding @ NPU, 4/15

“Like as I’m sitting here talking to you, I’ll hear a little bit of, ‘Hey, this guy’s alright.’ Or, ‘Hey, you know what? Don’t give this guy too much,’ or, ‘Watch out for her…’ You know? Gut feelings. Sometimes the word of God is just a sea of children singing songs together & loving each other. How about tonight? Hanging out with strangers, hugging the people next to you, showing love to people you might not show love to outside these walls.”

WACKO on COVID Clown Parties, Hate Pages, & Dream Composition; NPU/BCP 12/10

“Our best descriptions come from people talking shit. We have a hate page that reposts all our knocks. My favorite post on it is a description of our band from the Denny’s video saying, ‘Fuck WACKO, this isn’t hardcore. This isn’t even power violence or fastcore, this is just a middle school jam band; fuck this band.’ (haha) I love that.”