God Awful – Premeditated.

Hi. I’m Julz, the vocalist of God Awful – a hardcore band from the Inland Empire.

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Dead Relatives Magazine September Issue Release Show. Featuring Differences, Auditory Anguish, Fracture, God Awful, Montclair, Stateside, and Foul @ Bad Dogg Compound on September 16, 2023. This & every next photo taken by Cole Beldyn.

We released our debut EP “Premeditated” on July 28th of 2023 and have been working on putting out more music since the drop. Although we sat on this project for about a year before even playing shows, being a frontman to a band has been a dream of mine for a long time before then.

Taken by Cole Beldyn.

It definitely helps that my band members, Colby (guitar), Kiko (bass), Michael (guitar), and Andres (drums) are all some of my closest friends and we spend the majority of our time together anyways – getting together to practice, write, or just hang out is never an issue. All of us were involved in other musical projects at the time that we decided to form the band so we agreed from the start that this band is here for us to have fun with and let loose while still taking it very seriously.

Taken by Cole Beldyn.

The hardcore scene has been very welcoming to all of us and it’s brought some amazing people into our lives. The best part about IE hardcore in my opinion is the sense of community. There is always a familiar face at our own shows, and even at shows we attend that we don’t play at. There are so many people we have to thank for constantly showing love and lifting us up. We can only hope to do the same for others and show everyone twice as much love as they show us.

Taken by Cole Beldyn.

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Cover: Robert Townsend logo & Fracture photographed by Cole Beldyn for our July Issue Release Show at The Smell.
Spread by Jessica Edith Cerda @erotic.rat
Photo of FOUL @foulhc by @orange_jpeg
The Family Portrait – Differences.
Spread by Ryenn Lyons.
Excerpts from Auditory Anguish, Stateside, & Montclair. Stateside photo by Oscar Rodriguez @bloomxphoto
Back cover by Rodrigo Morales @dumptruckwizard for GOD AWFUL.
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