Sullen Eyes – Swallowed by the Depths. San Diego HxC/MxC.

I definitely feel like there’s been a boom in hardcore recently – partly due to TikTok making anything and everything blow up. And with that, I’ve seen shows getting more & more expensive. I can’t say exactly what it is, I don’t book shows or know the logistics behind it, but I will say going to a show at 20 to 25 dollars can feel a little weird, especially in extremely DIY spaces… But yeah, I would say there are a lot more people in hardcore now because of social media. That’s when people only start seeing music as a monetary opportunity – when they know no matter what they charge, people will come to the shows. That’s a disservice. So many kids want to take part in their local scenes but can’t because they don’t have the money or it’s not all ages or something like that. 

The Family Portrait – Differences. Track by Track.

There was a picture of Jesus on the ceiling that she used to talk to who she thought was her friend. And I’m sure he was… Um, (laugh). But I went to go visit recently, and I saw that my aunt finally took that photo down. I’m 28 now, and I’m still trying to figure out 18 years later how to deal with all this stuff. This project has been such a big help.