This booth was originally constructed for me to go to the Sante Fe Indian Market in 2019. It’s only a 2-day event, Saturday & Sunday. It’s very quick, but the occasion is pretty awesome because you have people from all over the world who come to New Mexico – 100,000+ people showing up at the… Continue reading LAURIE STEELINK – GATHERING POWER III.

The First Rolling Papers Were Maize Husks. + How-to.

The cigarette industry is currently valued at ~49.4 billion dollars per year & the rolling paper industry generates approximately 1,217.08 million USD in cash flow annually.

In 2006, over 250 million tons of corn waste was tossed globally. This statistic has only increased as the demand for food increases parallel to Earth’s rising population.

Though there is no safe form of smoke inhalation, there is something to be said about the amount of industry that goes into producing rolling papers out of a material you couldn’t smoke out of previously.

‘Oppenheimer’ leaves out the History of Navajo Nuclear Waste.

That’s what I mean by the detriments of industrialization & continued extraction of natural resources. It stops the flow of our people, especially traditionalists who are trying to live in a very traditional way. Part of that process is having this relationship with nature & Mother Earth. But when communities start to pop up close to reservation lands, that brings a train of industries, distribution centers, automobiles… It’s a domino effect.

Piercing The Lungs of The Earth — #MarcoTemporalNão

Indigenous groups within Brazil’s two-thirds of the Amazon rainforest are facing international human rights violations, habitat loss, & by extension, genocide. For the last inhabitants of the Amazon, losing their rights to occupy land means losing the guardians of half the planet’s remaining rainforests. (Featuring photos from Amazônia, Sebastião Salgado).