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KEV: I’ve been listening to heavy music my whole life. My dad influenced me a lot; he grew up when the punk scene was really popping in the valley. I love the anger that comes with the music. It’s raw and unfiltered and beneficial for everyone involved. When I perform & see people f*cking with my drumming, it makes me want to play harder and with more energy. I think I’ve really changed my perception on things since I started playing shows – listening to what people in the scene have to say about struggles and everyday issues really opened my eyes to how intense life can be.

Art by @junkjives. As featured in our Feb-March print issue.
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REES: Punk has always been more than a genre to me, it’s been something to identify with and speaks to how I feel things in a way that couldn’t be matched. What drew me to punk and heavier music was the purity of emotions and lyricism. To me, punk is the purest style of music I can connect to. It’s changed my views on day to day life and what that’s supposed to be.

SHANE: I think hardcore and punk will keep growing and changing. The core values of a raw approach to music, saying what we want, and keeping a community will stay the same. But we expect to see more mixing of genres and new sounds as bands try new stuff. With the internet, it’s easier for bands to reach fans everywhere and collaborate…

*Entry quote by Isaac (bass).


By Hector Zaldivar

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