All photos by from our Feb-March release show with Rosie’s Pad.

When we started as a grind band in the valley, we didn’t see many other Latinos playing this genre. And the recognized bands we did play with, were white. Now that we know and play with bands out in LA, we’re always seeing Latinos. It’s cool to rep our heritage in this music and see the positive responses we get from our followers. We have a design with Juan Gabriel and “818 Grindcore” under him, that’s us repping our Mexican culture and the 818.

I haven’t noticed any unexpected influences behind my drumming for this demo, I’m always stuck listening to anything fast and raw.

For guitars and song structure, I just stuck with what I like to hear and kept it fun for us to play. Seeing other people f*ck with new tracks is what keeps us going.

Music brings the community together, I always see mixed groups of ethnicities whenever we play. I’m not sure about any specific message we convey as a band, we make grind death for those who fuck with it, my only hope as a musician is that people are there to appreciate the music and not to cause drama or get fucked up.

-D-Glover (drums) & Lazo (guitar).


By Dominique Buan

@capturasdominique @spinegrund