MILLY on Weezer Cover Bands, their Debut Full-Length, & Deep-Cut Emo, El Cid 9/9

The new EP reminds me of a Post-Hardcore Siamese Dream.

I like that! I was listening to a lot of Smashing Pumpkins when writing those songs, but I feel like a lot of other bands we listen to started branching from that sound as well. Spencer (co-vocalist/guitarist) put us on to a lot of deep-cut emo, so I feel like that’s where we’re at right now. I like current bands too, but I feel like there’s more star power in the 90’s.

I sat down with Brendan Dyer, guitarist & songwriter from MILLY, in the lounge above El Cid after his set. He started telling me how their drummer Zach Capitti had moved to New York so a mutual, PHONY, has been filling in for their shows.

Directed by Justice Vaughn Ott.

The band started more as my project, but it’s evolved into a group effort. We just finished recording our debut record; Spencer & I both brought songs to the table. We played guitarist for each other during the writing process.

I mentioned the double SG’s for the night’s performance.

Well, Spencer’s always leaned towards guitars with humbuckers & I… okay, funny story… I used to front a Weezer cover band. My bandmate lent me her SG for River’s sound & I really gravitated towards it. I borrowed it again for the new album, ended up using it on every song. It just sounded right to me. Plus it looks cool.

Brendan also plays drums in seko. After our lounge chat, I met with Spencer Light at the bar.

Given the band’s new direction, I asked about his passion for 90’s emo.

Streaming platforms miss out on so much great stuff from that time. Slowly labels come & reissue records from the underground, but it’s hardly anyone’s focus of attention. There’s so many great bands from the era that never made it past opening for other bands. Jejune is one of them, we actually hung out with a member last night in San Diego. He was talking about the way people view 90’s music now; most just group everything together. The reality was that scenes varied from city to city. You don’t have to work in a record shop to find hidden gems anymore, but so much gets lost in translation.

It’s still exciting to see a lot of the new generation embracing this stuff, even if we dig back to more known bands from 10 years ago. We’ll play a show & see all the kids wearing Title Fight shirts, that’s our favorite shit too! It’s just timeless; the feelings you get when you listen to some bands are timeless.

Any other info on the new record?

We recorded 12 songs with Corey Coffman from Gleemer. I love him because he loves Death Cab, & I love Death Cab (haha). He knows how to capture an emotion, pays attention to the little things. He’ll pick up on an artist’s spirit & magnify it. That’s what I look for in a producer.

Spencer also plays bass for Aspartame. I took a ride with MILLY’s bass player Yarden Erez.

How’s the rhythm section been since Zach moved?

Neil & I hit it off. I was a little nervous since I’d been so used to playing with Zach; I used to be in Momma, his other band. But it’s been great, I’m having a good time.

Where do you fit in the songwriting process?

Brendan & Spencer usually write by themselves & present what they have at practice. Sometimes they’re specific about basslines, but a lot of songs on the new record were left to me. It’s fun to have a song presented as a puzzle, you get to put the pieces together. That feeling you get when everything’s in its place? Fucking awesome.

Directed by Logan Rice.

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