Taken by @zoieloft

Cigs: I think being based out of Moreno Valley (which is kinda in the desert but also infested with warehouses) sorta had us in a closed box. There were shows that we’d attend outside the city (Riverside) which I think truly gave us the inspo to make what we do. Bronco lives up north so it makes practice a bit difficult, which leads us to explore different noises. So when he comes back down for a gig or a visit, we tend to mush up everything we’ve come up with on our own. 

Bronco: We live near the desert, it gets real hot in the summers. Living in a Hispanic household holds influence over our sound, too. I currently live/work in NorCal; being in the forests under tall trees and hiking tall mountains gives me lots of time to think of new riffs and ideas for future songs. The commute opens me up to more ideas as well. My brother stays down south, so when we meet up, we combine what we’ve been cooking up in our heads and run with it. 


When we record and perform, I push for our energy to reach the listener/audience. It’s fast, it’s chaotic, it’s raw. Those who aren’t familiar with the genre might like it or not, but for those who do find themselves rocking with it, I would hope our sound rubs off on a new listener to bring out creativity and spark a new group.  

Cigs: I hope listeners can feel happy and comfortable in their own skin from our music. Some of our song titles are goofy-based, but the others with a more serious tone tend to have an important meaning in mind. We don’t really write lyrics but I’ve been debating adding some to our new material. New listeners don’t seem to consider us Mincecore since we have a small balance between Blasts and Tupa, but I hope they look into our structured playing and discover new bands with the same technicality. Grindcore or Mincecore, we don’t really care, we just love playing fast and technical. 


Not booking frequently has definitely built up an image that helps us bring in more people curious to see how we sound live. The way we carry ourselves is important as well, we tend to play cumbia on the aux before we start to get the blood flowing. It’s a small way of showing everyone that we’re Brown and Proud. We also try to talk with people at shows — my favorite thing is when new or old fans come up to us and tell us how we inspire them to make music/art. It’s super important to create something that helps you mentally and overall whatever makes you happy.

Bronco: Some might think we have an interesting band name. I see that as a hook to pull new individuals into a scene they might’ve not known before, introducing them to different groups, messages, ideologies, styles, art, etc. Traveling to different states has shown us that our scene in SoCal is so impactful to scenes elsewhere, the area holds tons of influence way outside of LA that some might not even think about. 


By Hector Zaldivar

Professional magician. @hexzald