Yo, I’m Marco or Baba whatever y’all wanna call me, but I play drums in Foul. My brothers showed me everything I know about music. They both play in their own bands & don’t get along for reasons, but both of them really have impacted my life.

All photos by @orange_jpeg

When Foul played our first show my brother was right by my side watching. The other is yet to see us but I hope he can soon. I taught myself to play drums from my brothers’ bands like Dare, Field of Flames & Chemical X. I would practice a lot and get better & better. I remember going to my first hardcore show with my brother around 2017 at Programme haha, I lowkey don’t remember that day at all but yeah there are pictures somewhere. I remember listening to Regulate for the first time at Programme; my brother showing me that band is the reason I’m in Foul & playing drums like 3 years later. But overall they have been big inspirations in my life and in general, and music. I love seeing either of them. I know they don’t get along but thank you Angel & Eddie, I love y’all very much, thank y’all for everything.

Cover: Robert Townsend logo & Fracture photographed by Cole Beldyn for our July Issue Release Show at The Smell.
Spread by Jessica Edith Cerda @erotic.rat
Photo of FOUL @foulhc by @orange_jpeg
The Family Portrait – Differences.
Spread by Ryenn Lyons.
Excerpts from Auditory Anguish, Stateside, & Montclair. Stateside photo by Oscar Rodriguez @bloomxphoto
Back cover by Rodrigo Morales @dumptruckwizard for GOD AWFUL.
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By Hector Zaldivar

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