Contrary to popular belief, Ocho Ojos is not comprised of two brothers. Despite frequently being mistaken as siblings, Herb and Josh won’t correct people. They have known each other for over 25 years and share many common interests. It felt natural for them to work together in documenting and archiving the gigs and events that they frequent.

Over the last two years, they have curated and participated in photography shows, organized solo shows, and have organized a couple music and art events. Their photography has been used on a few record releases from local bands, as well as on local magazines such as Dead Relatives. In a recent collaboration with Pluteras Records, they expanded into documentaries, finishing their first short film on the local band Death Gang.

After two years of documenting, they finally found time to work on their first zine that was released back in February. The limited 8 copies they produced, consisted of 16 photographs that were presented in a numbered tin case accompanied by a small poster, a pin, stickers, and an Ocho Ojos branded lighter.

They released their second zine in April and decided on a different direction, creating 16 mock 7-inch records that consisted of the 8 photos that you see here. They focused on photos of individuals, mainly singers of local bands, that were printed on 5×5 luster photo paper. The zine also included an Ocho Ojos eyeglasses cloth, stickers, a 7-inch record mat for vinyl, and a numbered stamped paper sleeve. They are aiming to release their third zine in September.

With a team of two, some tasks are naturally easier, while others become harder to complete. The brainstorming process usually happens organically – one idea leads to another, and sometimes some ideas get dropped. Others get put away for future projects. Like with any creative endeavor between people, there is always some friction. Herb and Josh have learned that a mutual respect for each other and their work, keeps them evolving and helps them work out creative difference in every aspect of the Ocho Ojos project.

To this day, all photography is shot on film.

Ocho Ojos is Herb Gualpa and Josh Gonzalez.


By Hector Zaldivar

Professional magician. @hexzald