Friendships & 70’s Mops w/ Archer Oh, Garden Amp 10/7

Hey man, you left your heart on that stage.


Oh, is that why I have a stomachache?

Archer Oh’s syrupy garage rock meets post-hardcore drive halfway, breathing new life into 60’s surf. Hailing from Moreno Valley, the group consists of Diego on lead guitar, Pedro on skins, Juan on bass/backup vocals, & Archer on rhythm guitar/lead vocals.

Easy Eyes live from Broken Sun.


I moved to MV in high school & met these three shortly after. We became friends & started jamming on songs I’d been writing. Over time, the group formed naturally.

Still from Don Quixote, @camelblves.

I’m aware Archer Oh started as an acoustic singer-songwriter project; what influences has the band brought to the sound?


I’d say we’re each other’s biggest influences. We all come from different musical roots that bring something new to the table.


After Archer presents an idea, we’ll take the reigns for the most part. I’d cite The Mars Volta for dynamics; I’m still playing indie surf rhythms, but I can draw power when I need to match Archer’s vocals.


We’ve definitely become more well-rounded since playing with each other. Historically, I’m a metal guitarist; I got really deep into bands like Death when I first started playing. Applying that to major keys makes for interesting lead melodies.

Songwriting inspirations?


Life. People I used to know, situations I’ve found myself in. I like storytelling; I draw more inspiration from emotions than direct references. Easy Eyes for example; when we were starting out, there was this one band that would always blow us off. We played a lot of shows with them back then & they’d never even say hi to us until we started getting attention. Like, we had to prove ourselves to be friends? That’s what got the ball rolling.

Archer, @camelblves.

Any interesting live stories?


At our first gig at The Smell, we got to our last song Red Clouds & the room was ridiculously hot. No circulation, you’re basically breathing in everyone else’s breaths. I started feeling woozy mid-song & threw up on stage. Archer had to clean up after the set.


I hopped on drums for the last minute of the song. That mop hadn’t been used since the 70s.

Pedro, @camelblves.

Last thing, why do you play music?


It’s really fun. Music’s a good break from my day-to-day. I enjoy it & I love playing with these guys too. They’re my best friends.


As a little kid, I’d always tell my brother, ‘Hey, let’s start a band.’ We tried it a couple of times with people we knew, but it wasn’t anything like this. This band is four friends who turned out to be naturally compatible musicians. It’s perfect.


Continuing on that, I’d say it’s very much a pipe dream. You grow up being told music isn’t a real job, then you find the right people & suddenly you’re being asked for autographs & photos. It’s surreal. You’re conditioned to think it isn’t possible, yet here we are doing it.


I love how I feel when I’m playing with my best friends. I love music & it’s what I’m best at. It’s beautiful.

Aimless Is Home single cover, @camelblves.

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By Hector Zaldivar

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